Yesterday I was a guest on Capital Public Radio’s Insight with Beth Ruyak, along with Andrew Leung of ToyFusion and to talk about Star Wars, the recent casting news and the West Sacramento May the Fourth Celebration

I was happy that I got to talk about my Empire Strikes Bath collection, which I’ll have on display at the event on Sunday.  If you missed it, you can listen via the embedded player at the top of this post, or via Capital Public Radio’s website.


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Puffs facial tissue store display, Proctor & Gamble, 1980.

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It’s not easy being green. Poison Ivy ready to lather up with Yoda and Jabba Shampoo at Santa Rosa Toy Con.

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The Empire Strikes Bath collection on display at Santa Rosa Toy Con

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Princess Jango stopped by my exhibit so I posed him with Jango Fett & Princess Leia bubble bath bottles

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New Empire Strikes Bath logo by Kevin Ivers

My friend Kevin Ivers is a graphic designer as well as a filmmaker and props/illustration/vfx/animation artist (I met him when we worked on The Guild).  He’s also a huge Star Wars fan so I asked if he’d do a new logo for

Empire Strikes Bath logo by Kevin Ivers

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Happy Year of the (Yoda) Snake. Image is from the Imperial Gunnery Forum.

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Our buddies over at Empire Strikes Bath had a few of their photos lifted by a shady eBayer. They contacted eBay and discovered that eBay wouldn’t do anything about pictures stolen from other sites, only other listings on eBay. That resulted in them listing the items for sale (at a ridiculously high $99) so that they could file a complaint. The description they wrote for Darth Vader Shampoo is worth more than the Darth Vader Shampoo.

Darth Vader Shampoo is perhaps the most ironic Star Wars bathroom products ever created, because by Return of the Jedi we learned that poor Darth Vader had no hair on his head.  We are left to wonder what hair he might need to clean - he was, after all, “more machine now than man.”  Omni Cosmetics also produced Darth Vader Bubble Bath in the same line (and in the same figural bottle, with the only difference being the tag and the contents), and we can more easily imagine the Dark Lord of the Sith relaxing in a soothing bubble bath after a long day of force choking subordinates and getting chewed out by the Emperor.  Sadly, I do not have a spare Vader Bubble Bath to include in this auction, which is only for the one Darth Vader Shampoo bottle.

Read the rest here

[via eBay and Brian Kameoka]

Thanks for posting this, archiemcphee!

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Star Wars Disney Bath Toys

In celebration of the news of Disney’s $4B purchase of Lucasfilm, here’s some Disney Star Wars bath / pool toys.  One of the two Disney/Star Wars bath items in existence currently… expect much more in the future.  Readily available on Amazon or eBay.

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